Where does the expression up sticks come from?

Where does the expression up sticks come from?

The origin of the term up sticks is uncertain. Many believe it is nautical slang, referring to raising a mast. Some believe it came from pulling pickets that tethered horses. Others believe it has to do with moving temporary dwellings.

Where does the saying different kettle of fish come from?

The phrase “a different kettle of fish” is originated from the United Kingdom. However, it is also a widely used phrase in the United States. The origin of “a different kettle of fish” is traced back to Thomas Newte’s A Tour in England and Scotland published in 1785. It is stated to have mentioned it.

What is the meaning of pretty kettle of fish?

The expression “a kettle of fish” means “a real mess.” If you accidentally scheduled three dates on the same night, you might call it a kettle of fish. Most people who use this expression say either “a fine kettle of fish” or “a pretty kettle of fish,” though what they’re describing isn’t fine or pretty.

What is the definition of up sticks?

Definition of up sticks British, informal. : to pack up one’s belongings and move to a different place They upped sticks and left for London.

What does Duff mean in up the duff?

‘Up the duff’ is a euphemism for pregnant.

What does tough go mean?

Particularly difficult, arduous, or trying forward progress.

What does the expression all mouth and no trousers mean?

Definition of all mouth (and no trousers/action) British, informal. —used to describe someone who talks a lot about doing something but never actually does it.

What does the idiom bring to book mean?

phrase. If you bring someone to book, you punish them for an offence or make them explain their behaviour officially.

What does lay by the heels mean?

to fetter; to shackle; to imprison.

Do not give two hoots meaning?

informal. : to care at all about someone or something —used in negative statements I don’t give a hoot about what they say. I don’t give two hoots about his problems.

Is there such a word as uptick?

a rise or improvement in business activity, in mood, etc. Stock Exchange.

Where did the term Duff come from?

The origin of the expression ‘Up the. duff’ is, surprisingly, a plum pudding. Dough is another word for pudding, as in that Victorian Christmas favourite the Plum Duff, and duff is an alternative form and pronunciation of dough. That was in use by 1840, as here from R. H.

What is the origin of the word picnic?

Some claim that picnic is derived from lynching parties of blacks. This is incorrect. Instead, the origin on the word picnic is French (piquenique) and was invented long before the atrocities towards blacks took place in America. This French word – piquenique – signifies an outing with food – similar to the word’s meaning in English.

What is the origin of the wordpicnic?

Etymology. Though the provenance of the word ‘picnic’ is unknown, it is believed to come from the French ‘pique-nique’, which referred to people who brought their own wine while dining at a restaurant.

Is ‘Picnic’ an e-mail?

Specious etymologies seem to be all the rage of late, and a dubious claim about ‘picnic’ fits that trend: This e-mail is being sent to you as a public service announcement and as information in the form of a little known Black History Fact.

How did picnicking change over the years?

One of the results of this was that picnicking ceased to be associated with music and dancing and became a simple meal to which people were invited by a host. Another was that it became both more ‘genteel’ and – thanks to the idealisation of the countryside – more innocent.