Where is the cephalic vein in the hand?

Where is the cephalic vein in the hand?

Origin in the anatomical snuffbox: The cephalic vein arises as a convergence of superficial veins on the back (or “dorsum”) of the hand in the anatomical snuffbox, which is the triangular depression at the base of the thumb.

Where are the cephalic and basilic veins?

Cephalic and basilic veins begin their path from around the wrist and continue towards the area above the forearm. The basilic vein becomes deep around the mid-arm, while the cephalic vein becomes deep around the upper forearm, in deltopectoral groove.

Where does cephalic vein begin?

The cephalic vein arises in the anatomical snuffbox from the radial side of the superficial venous network of the dorsum of the hand 2.

What vein connects the basilic and cephalic veins?

The median cubital vein is the most prominent superficial vein in the body, and can easily be seen in most people at the inner fold of the elbow. It connects the basilic and cephalic veins, the two primary veins of the upper limb that carry blood from the hand, forearm, and arm back to the heart.

Are cephalic and basilic veins deep veins?

The deep veins of the upper extremity include the paired ulnar, radial, and interosseous veins in the forearm; paired brachial veins of the upper arm; and axillary vein. The basilic and cephalic veins, which are superficial veins, contribute to the axillary vein, though many anatomic variations occur.

What is cephalic vein?

Medical Definition of cephalic vein : any of various superficial veins of the arm specifically : a large vein of the upper arm lying along the outer edge of the biceps muscle and emptying into the axillary vein.

Where is the basilic vein?

The basilic vein usually lies in the deep subcutaneous tissue at the antecubital crease and pierces the brachial fascia in the distal third of the upper arm; however, occasionally it lies beneath the fascia at the antecubital crease.

What is cephalic anatomy?

Medical Definition of cephalic 1 : of or relating to the head. 2 : directed toward or situated on or in or near the head.

What is the basilic vein?

The basilic vein originates on the medial aspect of the forearm at the wrist from the dorsal venous network of the hand. It runs superficially in the forearm and usually communicates with the cephalic vein via the median cubital vein at the elbow.

Are basilic and cephalic veins deep veins?

What is a basilic vein?

The basilic vein is the dominant drainage for the dorsum of the hand and passes proximally in the medial bicipital groove.

Why is cephalic vein called that?

The cephalic vein is a superficial vein of the upper limb and it’s one of the two main veins of the arm. Its name derives from ‘cephalic’ meaning head, as the vein runs up to the shoulder.