Where is the Ontario sign?

Where is the Ontario sign?

The 3D Toronto sign, officially the 3D TORONTO sign and commonly known as the Toronto sign, is an illuminated three-dimensional sign in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that spells the city’s name.

What does the Ontario logo mean?

Adopted in 2000, the Ontario tartan is made up of four blocks of colour: red, white, three shades of green and two shades of blue. The shades of green represent the forests and fields of Ontario, while the blue represents the waters. The red represents its First Nations and the white, the sky over the province.

What is a regulatory sign Ontario?

Regulatory signs. These signs give a direction that must be obeyed. They are usually rectangular or square with a white or black background and black, white or coloured letters. A sign with a green circle means you may or must do the activity shown inside the ring.

What does Ontario mean?

Ontario. Ontario acquired its name from the Iroquois word “kanadario”, which translates into “sparkling” water. The earliest recording of the name Ontario was in 1641 where it was used to describe a mass of land on the north shore of the easternmost part of the Great Lakes.

What is the purpose of a warning sign?

A warning sign is a type of sign which indicates a potential hazard, obstacle, or condition requiring special attention. Some are traffic signs that indicate hazards on roads that may not be readily apparent to a driver.

What does the green circle road sign mean?

Permission signs are a green circle on a white square. The action within the green circle is permitted.

Why is trillium symbol of Ontario?

The adoption of the white trillium grew out of a movement during the First World War to choose a national floral emblem appropriate for planting on the graves of Canadian servicemen overseas. Recognized under provincial law as an emblem of the province of Ontario, as well as Franco-Ontarians.

What is Ontario’s slogan?

Plate types and serial formats no longer issued but still valid

Province/Territory Description Slogan
Ontario blue text on reflective white with screened crown separator (license plates issued to commercial vehicles are issued plates with black text on reflective white) “Yours to Discover”

What does a checkerboard road sign mean?

Traffic Control Sign: Checkerboard Traffic Symbol (K-6731) Alert motorists to the end of the road or a possible sharp turn ahead.

What is a permissive sign?

The purpose of the permissive DANGEROUS GOODS ROUTE sign is to indicate roads, especially continuous routes through or around an area, designated for vehicles prescribed by federal legislation as dangerous goods carriers.

What is on the Ontario flag?

Canadian provincial flag consisting of a red field (background) bearing the Union Jack as its canton and the provincial shield at its fly end; the shield features a Cross of St. George (red cross on white) and three golden maple leaves on a green background.

What is the old name of Ontario?

Initially called Upper Canada, Ontario became the name of the province when it and Quebec separated in 1867.