Where should I sit on a Boeing 777 300ER?

Where should I sit on a Boeing 777 300ER?

But the best seats in the house (outside of the Polaris cabins, of course) are located in the third economy cabin, in row 39 (more on that shortly).

How many seats does a Boeing 777 300ER have?

777-200LR 777-300ER
Seats (2-class) 317 396
Range nm (km) 8,555 nmi (15,843 km) 7,370 nmi (13649 km)
Length 63.7 m (209 ft 1 in) 73.9 m (242 ft 4 in)
Wingspan 64.8 m (212 ft 7 in) 64.8 m (212 ft 7 in)

Is Cathay Pacific premium economy any good?

If you’re flying economy or premium economy to Asia, Cathay Pacific is a solid option. That’s because it boasts perks like wider seats, complimentary drinks, tasty meal options, the option for extended legroom seats and even a beer perfectly formulated for consumption at 35,000 feet, all with little or no added cost.

Is Cathay Pacific business class worth it?

Overall, I’m a huge fan of Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. The hard product is excellent. I love the new seat: it’s wide, has excellent storage, and it’s amazing to sleep on, which is really important for a business class experience. However, the soft product really let down the flight.

What is the difference between Boeing 777 300 and 777-300ER?

Specification-wise, the two planes are relatively similar, although the 777-300ER has a larger wingspan. Aside from that, the length, passenger capacity, height, fuselage width, etc. is the same across the 777-300 and the -300ER. The 777-300ER has a range of 7,370 nautical miles or 13,649 kilometers.

What is the seating on a 777?

There are 8 First Class, 64 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy, and 116 Economy Class seats. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 42.

What does the P mean on Cathay Pacific seats?

On Cathay Pacific flights, we offer priority seating to any passenger with a disability, and will do our best to allocate you a seat that is most suitable to your needs.

What plane has 7 seats across?

Yes, really! The British built Hawker Siddeley Trident is an aircraft that resembles the Boeing 727 in many ways. Long out of service, one must wonder why anyone thought putting seven seats across was a good idea.

Do Cathay Pacific give free upgrades?

HAVE STATUS! There are no free upgrades anymore. You either need to pay for upgrades with money, airline segments or have the top status with the airline or the alliance they are associated with. Airlines will and do fly with empty seats especially on international flights.

Is Cathay Pacific a good airline?

Cathay Pacific Airways is Certified as a 5-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

Is Cathay Pacific business class lie flat?

Almost all Cathay Pacific flights feature a modern business class seat which converts into a fully lie-flat bed and also has direct aisle access for every passenger, due to the 1-2-1 seating layout: one seat between the window and the aisle, two seats in the middle, and a seat between the aisle and the window.

What is Cathay Pacific Premium Economy?

Your Premium Economy seat has a generous recline, expanded legroom and a supported head rest. Full-length calf rests and leather-padded footrests, already on A350 fleet and selected B777-300ER aircrafts, will make your journey even more comfortable.

How many seats does Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777-300ER hold?

Cathay Pacific has six of this Boeing 777-300ER with new Business Class (3 Classes) aircraft in its fleet. This plane seats a total of 340 passengers.

What is the seating configuration for Premium Economy on a 777?

On the 3 class 777’s from CX, the Premium Economy Cabin is four rows deep and 8 seats across. Seat 33K is in the last row of the PE cabin, and reclines as much as any other PE seat in that section. It has 2 windows, one at the shoulder, one at the knees.

Is there WiFi on Cathay Pacific flights?

As of early 2019, Cathay Pacific is working on bringing WiFi to all of their 777-300ERs. On long-haul flights, complimentary meal and beverage service is offered in all classes. Cathay serves Chinese inspired food.

What is included in all classes of service on Cathay Pacific?

All Classes of service offer a 110V AC power port at every seat, allowing you to charge any of your elctronic devices inflight. As of early 2019, Cathay Pacific is working on bringing WiFi to all of their 777-300ERs. On long-haul flights, complimentary meal and beverage service is offered in all classes.