Which God is depicted on the gold coins of Vima Kadphises?

Which God is depicted on the gold coins of Vima Kadphises?

The reverse type of these coins, showing the Hindu deity Siva, known to the later Kushans as Oesho, indicates that Vima Kadphises, like his father and predecessor, Vima Taktu (Soter Megas) embraced the religion of Shaivism, a branch of Hinduism.

Who was the father of Vima Kadphises?

Vima TaktoVima Kadphises / Father

British Museum. Vima Kadphises (Greek: ΟΟΗΜΟ ΚΑΔΦΙϹΗϹ Ooēmo Kadphisēs (epigraphic); Kharosthi: 𐨬𐨁𐨨 𐨐𐨫𐨿𐨤𐨁𐨭 Vi-ma Ka-lpi-śa, Vima Kalpiśa) , was a Kushan emperor from approximately 113 to 127 CE. According to the Rabatak inscription, he was the son of Vima Takto and the father of Kanishka.

Who was the successor of Vima Kadphises?

Kujula Kadphises
Predecessor Heraios
Successor Vima Takto
Died 80 CE
Dynasty Kushan

Who is Vima?

To Vima (Greek: Το Βήμα, lit. ‘The Tribune’) is a Greek daily newspaper first published in 1922 by Dimitris Lambrakis, the father of Christos Lambrakis, as Elefthero Vima (Free Tribune).

Who introduced gold coins in India?

The Indo Greeks
The Indo Greeks; is the correct answer as the gold coins were first issued by Indo-Greeks in India. They introduced the gold coins around 270 BC.

How was Roman gold reused by Kushanas?

Defacing the coins by a sharp cut across the face of the Roman Emperor and then melting them and reused.

Who is the father of Kanishka?

Vima KadphisesKanishka / Father
According to the Rabatak inscription, Kanishka was the son of Vima Kadphises, the grandson of Sadashkana, and the great-grandson of Kujula Kadphises. Kanishka’s era is now generally accepted to have begun in 127 on the basis of Harry Falk’s ground-breaking research.

Who was Kadphises 2?

Vima Takto was succeeded by Wema Kadphises, otherwise known as Kadphises II (c. 90-112 or c. 105-127 – dating for the Kushans is very difficult and few scholars seem to be able to agree).

What race were Kushans?

The Kushans were most probably one of five branches of the Yuezhi confederation, an Indo-European nomadic people of possible Tocharian origin, who migrated from northwestern China (Xinjiang and Gansu) and settled in ancient Bactria.

Who was great Kushan king?

Kaniska, also spelled Kanishka, Chinese Chia-ni-se-chia, (flourished 1st century ce), greatest king of the Kushan dynasty that ruled over the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan, and possibly areas of Central Asia north of the Kashmir region.

WHO issued largest number of gold coins?

The Guptas
The Guptas issued the largest number of gold coins and hence, a lot of historians regard this period as the Golden Age of Indian history. Along with numerous gold coins, silver coins were issued too. The Guptas coins were influenced by the Kushan’s gold coins but they were purer. Guptas’ coins had more gold content.

What is the oldest gold coin?

Lydian stater
According to different scholars, the Lydian stater is considered the world’s oldest coin still around. Made of a mix of gold and silver called electrum, these early coins were minted around 600 BCE in the kingdom of Lydia in the modern country of Turkey. These coins often featured a lion with a sunburst.