Who are the characters in survivors?

Who are the characters in survivors?

The Survivors Characters (left to right); Sweet, Mulch, Bruno, Fiery, Moon, Storm, Sunshine, Lucky, Alpha, Martha?, Mickey,?, Bella. The Survivors Characters (left to right); Sweet, Mulch, Bruno, Fiery, Moon, Storm, Sunshine, Lucky, Alpha, Martha?, Mickey,?, Bella.

Who are the main characters in survivors the empty city?

  • Erin Hunter.
  • Gillian Philip.
  • Inbali Iserles.

How many survivors series are there by Erin Hunter?

There are two sub-series, each containing six books. The first, Survivors: The Original Series, was published from 2012 to 2015. The second, Survivors: The Gathering Darkness, was written from 2015 to 2019.

Who is Storm’s mate in survivors?

There are only two dogs she knows will never give up on her: Arrow and his mate, Bella. To find them, Storm must fight through many dangers in search of a place where she might finally belong. A loyal dog must make her way alone in this gripping fifth book in the second Survivors series.

What type of dog is Moon from survivors?

Species Breed Gender Dog Border Collie Female
Names Patrol Dog: Moon Alpha: Moon/Alpha

Who killed whisper survivors?

Status Deceased (killed by Breeze)
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided

What is a tusk nose in survivors?

Description. According to Survivors, a tusknose is described as big, smaller yet stockier than a deer, with a hide covered in sparse prickly hair, a barely noticeable stubby tail, an enormous head, tiny ears, and two curving fangs curling from its lower jaw.

What kind of dog is sweet from survivors?

Current: Past: Wild Pack Swift-Dog Pack, Lone Dog
Species Breed Gender Dog Greyhound Female

What type of dog is fiery in survivors?

Species Breed Gender Dog Mastiff Male
Names Pup: Snail Hunter: Fiery

Who is Moon’s mate?

Moon first appears in the prologue of Moon Rising which is set four years ago (her hatching). It begins with Moon’s mother, Secretkeeper, who was hiding Moon’s egg in the rainforest to keep her safe. She thinks about her mate, who is confirmed to be Morrowseer.

What is a tusk nose in Survivors?

Is Breeze The traitor in survivors?

Breeze was the traitor, as revealed in The Exile’s Journey.

Is Erin Hunter a real person?

About Erin Hunter: Erin Hunter is not a real person, in fact it is a pen name used by several different authors who wrote under the tutelage and guidance of Editor Victoria Holmes . Among the authors under the Erin Hunter pen names are: Tui Sutherland , Gillian Philip, Cherith Baldry and Kate Cary .

What is the Order of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter?

Enter the wild with the original Warriors series by bestselling author Erin Hunter. Warriors #1: Into the Wild. Warriors #2: Fire and Ice. Warriors #3: Forest of Secrets. Warriors #4: Rising Storm. Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path. Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour.

Who is the author of Erin Hunter?

Warriors is a series of novels published by HarperCollins . It is written by authors Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Tui Sutherland, with the plot developed by editor Victoria Holmes, who collectively use the pseudonym Erin Hunter.