Who has the most receiving records in the NFL?

Who has the most receiving records in the NFL?

Jerry Rice

Rank Player Yds
1 Jerry Rice+ 22,895
2 Larry Fitzgerald 17,492
3 Terrell Owens+ 15,934
4 Randy Moss+ 15,292

Who has the most receiving stats?

Jerry Rice is the only player in NFL history with more than 20,000 receiving yards – the wide receiver racked up 22,895 receiving yards in a career spanning from 1985 to 2004….Players with the most receiving yards in NFL history as of October 2021.

Characteristic Number of yards
Jerry Rice (1985-2004) 22,895

Who holds the record for most receiving yards?

NFL Career Leaders – Receiving Yards

Player Yds
1. Jerry RiceJ. Rice, 1985-05 22,895
2. Larry FitzgeraldL. Fitzgerald, 2004-20 17,492
3. Terrell OwensT. Owens, 1996-10,12 15,934

Who has the most receiving touchdowns of all time?


Rank Player TD
1 Jerry Rice+ 197
2 Randy Moss+ 156
3 Terrell Owens+ 153
4 Cris Carter+ 130

Who has the most receiving yards as a rookie?

Last year Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson had 1,400 receiving yards, the most in NFL history for a rookie.

Who has the most 300 yard receiving games?

Julio Jones

Julio Jones 1 300
Calvin Johnson 1 329
Flipper Anderson 1 336
Stephone Paige 1 309

What WR has the most yards 2021?

Cooper Kupp
Cooper Kupp has the most yards on receptions by a wide receiver this season, with 1,141 yards.

Cooper Kupp 2021 1,141
Deebo Samuel 2021 994
Davante Adams 2021 979
Justin Jefferson 2021 944

Who has the most 60+ yard touchdowns?

Jerry Rice has the most career total touchdowns when gaining 60+ all-purpose yards, with 208 touchdowns.

What WR has the most TDS 2021?


Rk Player TD
1 Cooper Kupp 12
2 Chris Godwin 5
3 Davante Adams 7
4 Tyreek Hill 8

Did Justin Jefferson break any records?

The latest record for the second-year pro out of LSU joins a list of accomplishments in his first season that included an NFL Super Bowl-era rookie record of 1,400 receiving yards and franchise marks for receptions (88) and 100-yard games (seven) by a Vikings rookie.

Is Ja Marr chase a rookie?

Ja’Marr Chase (2021) — 21.54 He is the second rookie in NFL history to record at least 50 receiving yards in each of his first seven games and is one of two players in NFL history with a reception of at least 30 yards in each of their first seven career games (Earl McCullouch is the other in both categories, 1968).

Has a receiver ever had 300 yards in a game?

Only six players in the 99-year history of the National Football League have amassed 300 or more receiving yards in a game. The record holder, Willie “Flipper” Anderson, had the help of an overtime period to reach his 336-yard total in leading the Los Angeles Rams to a victory over the New Orleans Saints in 1989.

Who has the most receiving yards in NFL history?

The record for the most receiving yards in a game is held by Los Angeles Rams receiver Flipper Anderson who caught a total of 336 receiving yards in 1989 in a game vs. the New Orleans Saints. The record for most receiving yards in a season is held by Calvin Johnson who put up a total of 1,964 receiving yards during the 2012 NFL season.

What NFL team has the most winning percentage?

The Cowboys have the highest regular-season winning percentage in modern NFL history, they are tied for second all time with five Super Bowl wins and are tied for first with eight appearances. They also have 15 Hall of Famers in the Super Bowl era and have won a ridiculous 22 division titles.

What is the best NFL record?

Answer Wiki. The best record in NFL history was the undefeated 14-0 (before they added more games) set by the 1972 Miami Dolphins season.

Who is the best wide receiver in NFL history?

By far the best wide receiver in the NFL is Calvin Johnson. He can run a 40 in 4.35, jump 40+ inches, is 6-5, owns the record for the most receiving yards in a season in NFL history (with a hand injury), and catches anything thrown at him.