Who is Akon in Africa?

Who is Akon in Africa?

Akon is a Senegalese American singer, songwriter and record producer. He lived in Senegal, West Africa, as a child and attended high school in the United States.

What is Akon doing in Africa?

Akon Lighting Africa is a for-profit organization that provides education and training to African workers in installing and maintaining solar panels. A school has been created to teach young members of the community the power of solar and how to properly maintain the equipment needed to harness it.

Did Akon move to Africa?

Akon, who was born in the United States to Senegalese parents, spent much of his childhood in the West African country, where authorities have embraced him as a native son and praised him for investing in Africa at a time of such global financial uncertainty. Akon, 47, rose to fame with a debut album in 2004.

Does Akon have his own country?

The hub will be located in Akon’s home country of Senegal, where he spent much of his childhood before moving to New Jersey when he was 11. The singer told the Associated Press the project is geared toward stimulating the local economy and creating much-needed jobs for the Senegalese.

What rapper is building a city in Africa?

Intended as an upscale destination for Black Americans, Akon City will be solar-powered and environmentally friendly, he has said. Residents and visitors will be able to make purchases with Akoin, which he envisions as a global currency. Akon just unveiled his $6 billion ‘futuristic’ city in Senegal.

Who gave Akon 6 billion dollars?

The singer was gifted 2,000 acres of land by Senegalese President Macky Sall to build the ambitious city. Akon also said he has raised part of the $6 billion required to do so through unnamed investors.

Is Lady Gaga still signed to Akon?

She went on to achieve pop superstardom with the release of her debut album, The Fame, and its follow-up, 2011’s Born This Way, but Akon admits he and Gaga have since parted ways professionally after signing a deal with Interscope chiefs to release her from his label’s roster.

Who is funding Akon City?

Paul Martin, from the US-based firm KE International which won the Akon City construction contract, said that Kenyan entrepreneur Julius Mwale is the lead investor. He added that he could not disclose information on other investors for confidentiality reasons, but said more than $4 billion in funding had been raised.

Can you invest in Akoin?

Akoin is listed on BitMart with trading starting on September 17, 2021 at 10 AM EDT, enabling users to buy and sell the token, using internationally available deposit options such as PayPal, Paxful, and Apple Pay, and featuring sign-up processes tailored to the unique African business environment.

How much did Akon city cost?

At $6 billion, the planned cost of Akon City is huge — it is not much smaller than Senegal’s overall 2020 budget of about $7.5 billion. The pomp and size the project elicited scepticism in Senegal at first, where developers and politicians often tout the merits of pet building works.