Who is Alessandro Mannarino?

Who is Alessandro Mannarino?

Alessandro Mannarino (Rome, 23 August 1979), simply known mononymously as Mannarino, is an Italian singer-songwriter. Alessandro Mannarino started his artistic activity in 2001, performing in the famous Monti district, in Rome, with original shows that mixed DJ music with acoustic sets.

What is the name of the 4th album of Juan Mannarino?

Three years after his third album, Mannarino released his fourth album “Apriti Cielo” (Universal) on 13 January, characterized by his evocative writing and rousing sound which made him one of the most loved singer songwriters.

How many people did Mannarino play for?

In Rome Mannarino played for over 6.000 people. In the autumn he had his first American tour, on the context of “Hit Week Festival”, and he played in the Highline Ballroom in New York City, in the Arts and Park Amphitheatre of Miami and in Montrèal’s Leonardo da Vinci Theatre.