Who is Noko Mashaba in real life?

Who is Noko Mashaba in real life?

KNOWN to his fans as Noko Mashaba, Jonas Lekganyane (21) is the brain behind the cartoon series, The Adventures of Noko Mashaba.

Who is the creator of Noko Mashaba?

Jonas Lekganyane
The Adventures of Noko Mashaba is a South African animated sociopolitical satire created by a self-taught animator and university dropout Jonas Lekganyane for Soweto TV, Ekurhuleni TV and YouTube.

Who is the father of Jonas lekganyane?

Engenas Barnabas Lekganyane (c. 1885–1948) was the founder of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC). He first formed the ZCC in 1924, and by the time of his death the church had at least 50,000 members.

Is Lekganyane dead?

Deceased (1885–1948)
Engenas Lekganyane/Living or Deceased

How many kids does Dr BE Lekganyane have?

Lekganyane married his wife in 1950 and the couple were blessed with a son (Barnabas), and two daughters.

Who is the wife of Lekganyane?

Salfina Lekganyanem.?–1948
Engenas Lekganyane/Wife

How many wives did Edward Lekganyane have?

As the ZCC recognized polygamy as stated earlier, he apparently had at least 23 other wives – some of them living in Soweto and Durban. In 1954 Lekganyane amended the constitution to make the bishopric the inheritance of the Lekganyane family.

Who is the wife of Dr BE Lekganyane?

His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Dr Barnabas Edward Lekganyane and his wife, Elizabeth, as well as the leader of St Engenas ZCC Bishop Dr Joseph Lekganyane and his wife received their Covid-19 vaccines at the Pietersburg Hospital in Limpopo yesterday.

Who is Noko Mashaba?

Noko Mashaba, who is voiced by Jonas Lekganyane, the show’s creator, is the main character of the show.

Who is the real Mashaba?

Mashaba is a regular guy who occasionally goes out on various adventures to solve mysteries while portraying the lives of both past and present real-life South African personalities, reliving different incidents that have occurred in the country and sometimes elsewhere. The character is very humorous, but yet very audacious.

Who is phylogenetic Phusu in Noko Mashaba?

Phusu is Noko Mashaba’s sidekick and is a graduate of the Loying University (a fictional university), which is the same university Noko’s grandmother graduated from. They both have a degree in Loying Engineering, giving them the ability and knowledge of sorcery.