Who is Susanne Klatten?

Who is Susanne Klatten?

Susanne Klatten (born Susanne Hanna Ursula Quandt on 28 April 1962) is a German heiress, the daughter of Herbert and Johanna Quandt.

What is the net worth of Dietrich Klatten?

As of May 2021, her net worth was estimated at US$25.5 billion, ranking her the richest woman in Germany and the 65th richest person in the world according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Klatten was born in Bad Homburg, Germany.

Was BMW implicated in the murder of Susanne Klatten?

BMW was not implicated in the report. Police prevented an attempt to kidnap her and her mother Johanna Quandt in 1978. Susanne met Jan Klatten while she was doing a Nazi internship with the SS in Regensburg, where he worked as an engineer.

Is Susanne Klatten richer than Elon Musk?

Susanne Klatten Isn’t As Famous As Tesla’s Elon Musk, But In An Industry Ruled By Men, She’s Richer. Susanne Klatten keeps a lower profile than the Tesla Motors founder. But with an estimated net worth of $18.5 billion, the BMW heiress is the richest person in the auto industry.

Who is BMW heiress Susanne Klatten?

Billionaire BMW heiress Susanne Klatten has lived a life above reproach. She is highly educated, a force to be reckoned with in the board rooms of the companies she holds stake in, and a married mother of three who famously didn’t reveal her true billion-dollar identity to her now husband until AFTER he proposed.

Who is Angela Klatten?

A daughter of the legendary businessman, Herbert Werner Quandt, and his industrialist wife, Johanna Maria Quandt, Klatten owns a little over 19 percent of the stake in the German automobile giant BMW. She also became the owner of a majority share in her grandfather’s pharmaceutical and chemical company Altana AG upon the death of her father.

Who is Susanne Quandt?

Barretta had allegedly recorded Klatten’s clandestine meetings with Sgarbi with hidden cameras and was helping Sgarbi in blackmailing her. Sgarbi and Barretta were sentenced to six and seven years of jail term, respectively. Susanne Hanna Ursula Quandt was born on April 28, 1962, in Bad Homburg to Johanna Quandt and Herbert Quandt.

Who is Richard Klatten’s ex-wife Helg Sgarbi?

In 2007 Klatten was blackmailed by Helg “Russak” Sgarbi, a 44-year-old Swiss national who threatened to release materials depicting the two having an affair. Sgarbi, who was charged with similar blackmail schemes against multiple women, was arrested in January 2009 and brought to court in Germany, where he was sentenced to six years in jail.