Who is TEAC group?

Who is TEAC group?

ABOUT TEAC GROUP. TEAC is a company committed to innovation – both in our research and development of technology and in the way we serve our customers. At TEAC, we do not wish to simply meet the future, but to help shape it as well.

Is TEAC no longer producing products?

Check here TEAC Corporation’s no longer producing products. Here appears the list of no longer producing products. Please contact us if you have any questions regardless the pieces of information provided here. AM/FM Stereo Tuner, iPod Digital Direct Connection, Phonostage and USB Play/Record, Integrated Amp.

Where will event TEAC attend this year?

06-18-2018 Event TEAC attends APEX 2018 EXPO in Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Boston, MA. 06-18-2018 Event TEAC attends Aviation Festival in Business Design Centre, London.

What kind of power cord does a TEAC-Tascam reel use?

Replacement AC power cord modified for many older Teac-Tascam Reel to Reels, tape decks, and probably many others. Here are just a few of the units this cable is modified to fit. Teac-Tascam models it’s been modified to fit for sure; 33-4, 505R, A-1500, A-1500W]

What is Teac cassette recording?

TEAC supports these legacy media with unique full-size components that can record and playback cassette-tapes.This is unique as TEAC is one of the last manufactureres that still produce brand-new cassettedecks. In some cases this funcitonality is combined with modern features like a CD-Player and a USB-player/recorder in one killer product.

Why choose a TEAC turntable?

Vinyl matters and TEAC offers turntables in every price-range. Each with their unique features but all with the same goal: to let you enjoy your precious vinyl to the fullest and enjoy the experience and the emotion that comes with it.