Who is the CEO of Nascar?

Who is the CEO of Nascar?

Mike Helton
Born August 30, 1953 (age 68) Bristol, Virginia, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation Executive/President
Employer NASCAR

Where are the Nascar offices?

Where Is NASCAR Corporate Office Headquarters

  • Address: 1 Daytona Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, United States.
  • Phone Number: +1 386-253-0611.
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Number of Employees: 1,000.
  • Established: February 21, 1948.
  • Founder: William France Sr.
  • Key People: Nichelle, Jeff.

How do I contact Nascar?

1 (800) 630-0535
NASCAR/Customer service

Where can I complain about Nascar?

For general comments, suggestions, and inquiries about the NASCAR.com website, please send an email to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]).

What family owns NASCAR?

The France family
The France family -the “First Family of NASCAR” – has controlled the stock car racing organization since its inception in 1948. Brian France, the grandson of founder Bill France, Sr. and son of former CEO Bill Jr., has been at the helm since 2003.

What happened Mike Helton?

Mike Helton is no longer the president of NASCAR. Hasn’t been for awhile now. Six years ago this week, then-CEO Brian France announced Helton had a new title: vice-chairman. Technically, vice-chairman isn’t a demotion from president.

Who are the officers of Nascar?

NASCAR Key Executives

  • Brian France. Brian France serves as the CEO / President of NASCAR.
  • Jill Gregory. Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Karen Leetzow. Senior Vice President, General Counsel.
  • Eugene Stefanyshyn.
  • Tim Clark.
  • Christopher Davis.
  • Skip G.
  • Chris Glenn.

How do you become a Nascar racer?

The initial step if you want to qualify as a NASCAR driver is to visit your local racetrack and purchase a pit pass if possible. It doesn’t matter if that racetrack is either asphalt or dirt. If you managed to purchase a pit pass, just go and have a conversation with a person in the pits.

Is contact allowed in NASCAR?

Plainly, NASCAR drivers are not allowed to hit each other intentionally, with the goals of causing an accident to occur. To some, the rules are quite relaxed, in that contact between drivers seldom goes unpunished.

How can I contact Steve Phelps?


  1. (Direct) +1 386 ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅❅ (Direct)
  2. (Mobile) +1 347 ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅❅ (Mobile)
  3. (HQ) (386) 253-0611. (HQ)
  4. ❅❅❅❅❅@nascar.com.
  5. ❅❅❅❅❅@optonline.net.
  6. (HQ) 400 E Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28202, United States. (HQ)

Who are the officers of NASCAR?

Who owns NASCAR Jim France?

NASCAR was founded by Bill France, Sr. in 1948 and to this day France family members own and operate NASCAR. Jim France, one of the sons of the founder, is the current chairman and CEO after Brian France’s arrest on August 6, 2018 and subsequent leave from the position.

Where is NASCAR office?

NASCAR has its official headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida, and also maintains offices in four North Carolina cities—Charlotte, Concord, and Conover. Regional offices are located in New York City and Los Angeles, with international offices in Mexico City and in Toronto.

How did NASCAR get that name?

The name originally chosen for the series was National Stock Car Racing Association; when it was pointed out that that name was already in use by a rival sanctioning body, “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing”, proposed by mechanic Red Vogt, was selected as the organization’s name.

Who owns Daytona International Speedway?

ISC was founded by NASCAR founder Bill France, Sr. in 1953 for the construction of Daytona International Speedway and in 1999 they merged with Penske Motorsports to become one of the largest motorsports companies in North America.

Is NASCAR a company?

NASCAR is a company driven by technology and innovation, both of which are central to competition and are at the core of our sport. The sport’s impact is demonstrated with a strong corporate and media footprint.