Who owns Skytop?

Who owns Skytop?

Pocono Hotels Corporation
Pocono Hotels Corporation, the parent holding company is incorporated in Delaware. Governor Gifford Pinchot approves the incorporation of Sky Top Lodges, Inc., the operating company in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Twelve directors elected to run both boards.

What county is Skytop Lodge in?

The town is home to the Skytop Lodge, a historic 1920s retreat hotel….

Skytop, Pennsylvania
Coordinates: 41°13′40″N 75°14′18″WCoordinates: 41°13′40″N 75°14′18″W
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
County Monroe

How many acres is Skytop Lodge?

Our 5,500-acre playground is yours to explore….Today at Skytop.

Time Event Location
8:00 PM Campfire and Marshmallows South Lawn, Inn, and Pavilion

How many rooms does Skytop Lodge have?

The Lodge. The Lodge at Skytop is the centerpiece of our resort, a tribute to our rich and storied history. Home to many of our restaurants and shops, The Lodge features 124 reimagined guest rooms and suites in three signature themes.

How old is Skytop Lodge?

93c. 1928
Skytop Lodge/Age

How many acres is Skytop Orchard?

Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock is much more than an apple orchard. Sitting atop Mt. McAlpine with panoramic mountain views, their 100-acre farm is a family fall tradition for many.

Where did the Jersey Shore cast stay in the Poconos?

Reportedly, season 4 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is filmed at the Woodloch Resort in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Check out the resort over on their Instagram named @woodloch.

Does Skytop Lodge have room service?

From room service to elegant dining, there are a myriad of ways to share a delicious meal at Skytop.

Is Skytop Lodge good for couples?

The stunning natural scenery, abundance of recreational activities, and amazing dining keeps couples returning year after year. Nestled amidst 5,500-acres of pristine Poconos wilderness, Skytop Lodge is the ideal place for couples who want to get away from it all.

What state are the Poconos?

The Pocono Mountains, commonly referred to as the Poconos /ˈpoʊkəˌnoʊz/, are a geographical, geological, and cultural region in Northeastern Pennsylvania, United States. The Poconos are an upland of the larger Allegheny Plateau.

When was Skytop built?

The resort opened in 1928 with architectural features reflective of the ancient stonework surrounding it. The classic silhouette of the Dutch Colonial Revival lodge greeted guests and asserted an atmosphere of elegance.

Is Sky Top Orchard cash only?

We just rerturned today from Sky Top Orchard….it is a wonderful orchard… tons of apple trees, lots of variety of apples! One thing that they do not tell you on their website is that THEY ONLY TAKE CASH OR CHECK, so if you only have a credit card or debit card, you are out of luck.

How do I contact Skytop Lodge for assistance with directions?

GPS Coordinates. If anyone has any questions or is in need of further assistance with directions please contact Skytop Lodge at 855.345.7759 and an associate will assist you.

Where is skyskytop located?

Skytop is a world away from what you imagine, but we’re here in the Poconos, close to New York, Philadelphia, New England, Washington, DC and so much more. Nearby Airports include Avoca and Lehigh Valley, but many guests arrive via Laguardia, Newark and Philadelphia.

Why can’t I find Skytop Lodge on my GPS?

GPS devices do not recognize our address as a viable coordinate. Instead, please enter the following coordinates into your GPS system to ensure accuracy: For questions or further assistance with directions, please contact Skytop Lodge at (855) 345-7759 and an associate will assist you.