Who owns the copper mines in Afghanistan?

Who owns the copper mines in Afghanistan?

Jiangxi Copper holds a 25 percent stake in Mes Aynak mine located about 40 kilometres southeast of Kabul. China’s Jiangxi Copper has said that it and the Metallurgical Corp of China (MCC) are monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and will push forward with the Mes Aynak copper mine when they can.

Are the Chinese mining in Afghanistan?

Beijing has existing contracts to tap Afghan mineral deposits. In the mid-2000s, investors led by state-owned Metallurgical Corp. of China Ltd. won a bid valued at almost $3 billion to mine copper at the Mes Aynak mines, near the capital Kabul, although little progress has been made in the intervening years.

Does China want minerals from Afghanistan?

China is already eyeing up Afghanistan’s vast mineral wealth, using the excuse of wanting to help rebuild the worn torn country now primarily ruled by the Taliban. In fact, the American’s hadn’t even left Afghanistan before China’s diplomats showed up to ‘help,’ states a recent report from U.S. Global Investors.

Where is copper found in Afghanistan?

The largest copper deposit, which also contains significant amounts of cobalt, is the Aynak ore body, located about 18 miles (30 kilometers) southeast of Kabul.

Was Mes Aynak destroyed?

Five years after the film’s debut, Mes Aynak is still intact—but it still could be destroyed at any time. Saving Mes Aynak played a significant role in causing the MCC and the Afghan government to delay demolition of the site that continues to this day.

Where is the biggest copper mine in the world?

Escondida Mine
The Escondida Mine in Chile is by far the world’s largest copper mine.

Does China own lithium in Afghanistan?

An internal U.S. Defense Department memo once described Afghanistan as the potential “Saudi Arabia of lithium.” And China is not well-endowed with the metal, possessing only about 7 percent of global reserves.

What does China want to mine in Afghanistan?

of China Ltd. won an almost $3 billion bid to mine copper at Mes Aynak, near Kabul. MCC said in its 2020 annual report it was negotiating with the Afghan government about the mining contract after earlier saying it was economically unviable.

What is Afghanistan’s biggest mineral?

Iron is the most abundant of Afghanistan’s valuable metals. The total iron ore reserve is estimated to be 2.2 billion metric tonnes, placing Afghanistan among the top 10 countries in extractable iron.

What mineral is Afghanistan rich in?

Is Mes Aynak still standing?

The site of Mes Aynak possesses a vast complex of Buddhist monasteries, homes, and market areas. The site contains artifacts recovered from the Bronze Age, and some of the artifacts recovered have dated back over 3000 years….Mes Aynak.

Mes Aynak مس عينک
District Mohammad Agha District
Elevation 2,120 m (6,958 ft)

What precious metals are in Afghanistan?

The Afghan Ministry of Mines says on its website that more research needs to be done to fully understand the economic value of the lithium, beryllium , precious metals and other valuable metals discovered. Other known precious metals in Afghanistan include copper, gold and cobalt.

Does Afghanistan have lithium mines?

Lithium is positioned to play a key role in this mining venue, as Afghanistan is said to have one of the world’s largest untapped reserves.

Is China Mining in Afghanistan?

“ Mes Aynak (meaning “little copper well” in Pashto) is situated atop Afghanistan’s richest source of copper, an estimated $100 billion dollar deposit that the Afghanistan government and a Chinese State-owned mining company, the China Metallurgical Group Corporation, are poised to mine,” reports Popular Archaeology .