Who owns WPTF radio?

Who owns WPTF radio?

Curtis Media Group
The station is owned by the Curtis Media Group. Weekday programs on WPTF include local news blocks in morning drive time, noon and afternoons. Three nationally syndicated talk shows are on the weekday line up: Brian Kilmeade, Jim Bohannon and Red Eye Radio.

Who owns WRDC?

Sinclair Broadcast Group

ATSC 3.0 station
Affiliations 28.1: MyNetworkTV (2006–present) 28.2: Charge! 28.3: Comet
Owner Sinclair Broadcast Group (Raleigh (WRDC-TV) Licensee, Inc.)
Sister stations broadcast: WLFL, WTVD (news share agreement) cable: Bally Sports South

Who owns Curtis Media Group?

Don Curtis
Founded in 1968 by Don Curtis, Curtis Media Group began its adventure in broadcasting in Cherryville, NC with WCSL-AM. Over the years CMG has grown and developed into the largest single-shareholder radio broadcasting company in the country. CMG is currently home to 57 AM and FM radio signals across the state.

When did Wqdr go country?

This predictably set off a howl of protest from listeners, and added media coverage for the station and its staffers. When Durham Life flipped WQDR to country music in early September 1984, several fired DJs and a number of off-air personnel re-appeared on 106.1 WRDU-FM (now WTKK), owned by Voyager Communications.

What does Wptf stand for?

WRCO was sold by the Wynne interests on August 27, 1927, to the Durham Life Insurance Company, concurrently changing frequency to 720 kilocycles, raising power to 500 watts, and changing call letters to WPTF, signifying the firm’s slogan, “We Protect The Family.” In early 1928, the station was assigned to operate on …

What radio station is Carolina Tar Heels on?

97.9 The Hill WCHL
As the Flagship station for Tar Heel Sports, 97.9 The Hill WCHL broadcasts live UNC football, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball games and corresponding UNC coaches shows.

What is CW22?

All Calendar Weeks (CW) in 22 22 begins on 01/01/22 and ends on 31/12/22. The first calendar week in 22 begins on Monday, the 03/01/0022 and ends on Sunday, the 09/01/0022. 0022 and ends on Sunday, the 01.01. 0023.

What’s on CW22 right now?


Time TV Show
7:30 pm The Big Bang Theory The Tam Turbulence – Season 12 Episode 4
8:00 pm Walker Douglas Fir – Season 2 Episode 6
9:00 pm Legacies You Will Remember Me – Season 4 Episode 8
10:00 pm ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22

Who is Henry Hinton?

Henry Hinton, President of Inner Banks Media, LLC is a broadcaster and businessman in Greenville, NC. He the long time host of eastern North Carolina’s popular syndicated radio show Talk of the Town which airs on two FM stations and a cable TV channel. His daughter in law Meredith is an attorney in Greenville.

Is Janie back on Wqdr?

With heavy hearts, your favorite dynamic duo announced this morning that Janie will be stepping down from the Q Morning Crew.

Who is the Q Morning Crew?

BJ & The Q Morning Crew weekdays 5:30am to 10am. BJ Wilson, Bobby Mac and Gillian Foote.

What radio station is the Notre Dame North Carolina game on?

960 AM
The game can be heard on the Notre Dame Radio Network (960 AM, 101.5 FM in South Bend) and SiriusXM Channel 129.

What was the original name of WPTF?

Early history. WPTF was originally called WFBQ, and was the second radio station in Raleigh ( N. C. State had the first, WLAC, but it did not last), going on the air September 22, 1924 at 1190 AM, broadcasting at 50 watts. The station was owned and operated by the Wynne Radio Company, owned by William A.

What is the WPTF signal?

WPTF’s daytime signal provides a grade B signal westward to Charlotte, eastward to Wilmington, and northward to the Roanoke, Virginia suburbs. Its nighttime directional signal is primarily designed to protect the dominant Class A station on 680, KNBR San Francisco.

What kind of shows are on weekends on WPTF?

Weekends feature shows on health, money, gardening and home improvement, as well as repeats of some weekday shows. WPTF is one of two AM radio stations in North Carolina which operate fulltime with 50,000 watts, along with WBT in Charlotte. 50,000 watts is the maximum power for AM stations in the U.S. WPTF has a non-directional daytime signal.

What are some of the programs on WPTF?

Weekday programs on WPTF include local news blocks in morning drive time, noon and afternoons. Three nationally syndicated talk shows are on the weekday line up: Brian Kilmeade, Jim Bohannon and Red Eye Radio. In addition, the station hosts a local talk show with Tom Kearney.