Who was the guy in the music video Sometimes by Britney Spears?

Who was the guy in the music video Sometimes by Britney Spears?

Directed by Nigel Dick – who directed “… Baby One More Time” – the music video has both a narrative side and a performance side. It was shot at the Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. Her love interest is played by model and actor Chad Cole.

Who is the guy in Sometimes video?

Chad Cole, Sometimes Also a former Abercrombie & Fitch model, Cole costarred in the Sometimes video. He’d also appeared in ads for Skechers, Buckle, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Who choreographed Sometimes by Britney Spears?

Andre Fuentes, Britney Spears Dancer & Choreographer, Dies at 40.

How old was Britney when Sometimes came out?

15-year old
The management’s answer came quickly: “We all love it! She’ll take it!” The artist Dodd referred to was a 15-year old girl from Louisiana, USA – Britney Spears – and “Sometimes” was recorded at Cheiron Studios in May 1998.

Was Stephen Dorff in a Britney video?

Stephen Dorff opened up about his cameo in Britney Spears’ music video, admitting he broke everything on set. Cast your minds way back to 2003 when the 37-year-old released the video to her banger, Everytime, which showed her being chased by her demons, while arguing with her boyfriend.

What is Britney Spears nationality?

Britney Spears/Nationality

Britney Spears, in full Britney Jean Spears, (born December 2, 1981, McComb, Mississippi, U.S.), American singer who helped spark the teen-pop phenomenon in the late 1990s and later endured intense public scrutiny for her tumultuous personal life.

Who is the guy in toxic video?

Martin Henderson
Martin Henderson is widely recognized for portraying Jack Sheridan on Netflix’s Virgin River, but did you know that he previously played Britney Spears’s love interest? That’s right. The actor, 46, starred opposite the singer, 39, in her 2003 music video for “Toxic” (included below for your enjoyment).

How much money does Britney Spears have?

What is Britney Spears’ net worth? Spears’ net worth is estimated to be about $60 million, per Forbes. Most of her assets (over $56 million) are reportedly in the forms of investments and real estate, with just under $3 million in cash.

Where did Britney Spears go to school?

M408 Professional Performing Arts High School
Parklane Academy
Britney Spears/Education

How did Britney Spears get discovered?

When she was eight years old, she auditioned for a spot on the Disney Channel’s The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. Spears did not get the part, but she did eventually achieve one childhood dream: showcasing her vocal talents on the popular entertainment competition Star Search in 1992.

Did Britney date Stephen Dorff?

Six-and-a-half years ago Britney Spears and Stephen Dorff documented the ups and downs of celebrity romance and celebrity life in the somewhat dark clip for the pop singer’s single “Everytime,” off her 2003 album, In the Zone.

Where was Britney Spears Everytime filmed?

Stalk It: Loews Hollywood Hotel, from Britney Spears’ “Everytime” music video, is located at 1755 North Highland Avenue in Hollywood.