Why is my Aqualisa shower leaking?

Why is my Aqualisa shower leaking?

Aqualisa showers may leak if the O-ring is damaged or the cartridge needs to be replaced. You’ll know the O-ring needs to be changed when you find water leaking out of the joints. To stop it, shut off the main valve and open the shower handle. Then remove the cartridge and replace the O-ring.

How long is Aqualisa warranty?

1 year
Aqualisa products are covered by a 1 year guarantee period.

How do I change the grip on my Aqualisa shower?

This is a genuine Aqualisa replacement shower head holder. It can be fitted in less than 5 minutes. Simply remove the lower bracket of the shower rail, slide off the old holder (and soap dish and shower hose holder) and slide on the new bracket, soap dish and hose holder and refit lower bracket.

How long should an Aqualisa shower last?

The Best Aqualisa Thermostatic Mixer Shower Aqualisa assures its customers that this shower is durable and will not need to be changed for many years. Furthermore, this product has a 5-year warrantee on the valve and 2 years on the adjustable showerhead which also has 4 useful spray patterns.

What model is my Aqualisa shower?

WHAT SHOWER DO I HAVE? The majority of Aqualisa showers do not have a name or model written on them but if you have an Aqualisa electric shower, the model will be inscribed on the front cover or possibly on the Aqualisa badge.

Are Aqualisa showers any good?

This Aqualisa electric shower, based on its reviews and comments, achieved a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

How do you remove Aqualisa shower rail from wall?

if the rail needs to be removed at any stage, insert the special tool provided into the rear of the bottom rail bracket to disengage the rail locking tab. Carefully ease the rail up and away from the fixing bracket. Pass the hose through the gel hook.

Where is Aqualisa made?

the UK
All Aqualisa Shower units are manufactured in the UK. Their shower range is designed and produced within their warehouse in Westerham, Kent.

Is there a repair kit for Aqualisa Aquarian exposed shower unit?

The seals (O rings) will have gone in the cartridge. I went the B&Q route but thay are none standard sizes and then found a complete repair kit on ebay (search under Aqualisa aquarian cartridge repair kit) It worked brilliantly for me so I bought a spare set! says it works for all models of Aqualisa aquarian exposed shower units.

Can Aqualisa supply the ‘O’ rings for Aquarian cartridge?

My Aqualisa Aquarian was leaking from the left of the cartridge. Rang Aqualisa to see if they can supply the ‘O’ rings which are on the shaft within the cartdridge. Aqualisa said they do not supply the ‘O’ rings and that I have to buy the complete cartridge.

Are Aquarian showers covered by warranty?

Rob, your shower will be covered by the 3 (used to be 5) year warranty – just call Aqualisa and they will send an engineer round completely FOC. You may need to fax or email your NHBC certificate if the builder ‘forgot’ to register the shower when installed. I have this same problem …..these Aquarian showers are dud.