How long do baler belts last?

How long do baler belts last?

Some baler manuals provide guidance about the lifespan of belts. Many will need replacing after a decade or so. But some farmers are still baling with 20-year-old belts. A better indicator is bale volume.

What are baler belts made of?

Baler Belt Manufacturers The quality of many Baler Belt products can be directly attributed to the process in which they are made. First, the belts are made from a material called “Baton Steel” which is extremely strong and durable.

When should I replace my round baler belt?

If your baler uses belts, it is a good practice to pull out the belts and replace them every 10,000 bales or so. After belts stretch, they can’t apply the same pressure as when they were new and set at the correct factory measurements.

How long are the belts on a 535 John Deere baler?


Belt QTY Belt Width Belt Length
4 7” 525”
4 7” 531”

How tight should baler belts be?

On New Holland balers, the belts are not tight when the tailgate is closed with no hay in the baler. If you push against the belt at the back of the baler, you can probably push the belt in 2 to 3 inches. If the belts go any farther than that, you could have some belts longer than others.

What causes baler belts to twist?

If belts are overly long, they will be loose when the tailgate is closed with no hay in the chamber. Loose belts will walk. If the bale core breaks down while baling, belts will get loose and can flip. This usually happens in dry short hay conditions.

What is a belt Lacer?

They provide force to press or roll the laces into the belt, and the lacing operation can be repeated in multiple passes for lacing wider belts. They allow lacing to be installed on the conveyor belt without having to disassemble the conveyor system, minimizing downtime for the conveyor.

Are baler belts directional?

Most baler belts do not have a direction of travel based on the belt alone. However, some factors might create a recommended direction of travel. While you can run the belt the other way, you increase the risk that the outside hooks will catch if you make the belt end with more hooks your trailing end.

Where can I find the right belt for my hay baler?

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What are the different types of Baler belts?

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