Things to Know about NEET Mock Test

Things to Know about NEET Mock Test

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, better known as the NEET exam, is considered as one of the toughest exams that are conducted by the National Testing Agency. This exam is a gateway for MBBS and BDS aspirants to get into medical colleges in India.

Just like how NEET is important for every medical aspirant, it is quite equally important to take NEET mock tests before taking the actual exam.

This article talks about the five important things regarding the NEET mock tests. Keep reading to find out more!

Important Points about NEET Mock Test

1. Covers Questions from Previous Year Papers

It is a good idea to check out the questions from previous year papers first. Ensure that the topics and the syllabus are the same as now so that you remain on the right track. This also helps you in understanding the pattern of the exam while improving your speed and accuracy.

These papers generally have a huge impact on the performance of an aspirant, hence make sure that you attempt those before the final exam.

What’s equally important is to attempt the NEET mock tests that are available online as well as by different coaching institutes.

According to NEET experts, it is important to attempt at least 15 mock tests besides the previous year’s papers before attempting the actual exam as they help in enhancing your performance and getting better results.

2. The last few weeks should be kept for Mock Tests

While preparing for the NEET exam, make sure that you prepare your schedule in such a manner that you have the last few weeks free for mock tests and revision only. This is because it is important for you to recognize your strong and weak areas before the final exam.

Start preparing for the mock tests rigorously as you near the exam as this will help you gauge your performance.

Most of the experts believe that the performance of an individual in the final exam is similar to his or her performance in the mock tests that were undertaken in the last weeks. Hence, this is the best time to attempt mock tests.

Mock tests generally give immediate results with a thorough report of your performance. Thus, after the completion of each mock test, one gets to analyze the weak areas or the topics where you need to improve.

3. One should attempt Different Mock Tests

There are different types of mock tests available for NEET. While one NEET Mock Test may focus on one topic or subject, others may target a part of all the different topics. One needs to attempt all the different kinds of mock tests for understanding your preparation. Different mock tests can help you at different stages of your NEET preparation.

4. Helps in Evaluating Performance

Attempting NEET mock tests help an aspirant in evaluating his or her performance. One gets to know how good was the performance after every NEET mock test. This helps in gauging your performance, be it subject-wise or for the whole syllabus.

You also get to know your weak areas and where you lost marks along with how negative marking affected your score. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you can concentrate on the preparation better.

5. One Understands the Importance of Negative Marking

One cannot attempt all the questions if the right answer is not known. The negative marking impacts the performance of an aspirant and, ultimately, his or her ranking in the final exam. Taking NEET mock tests help the students in understanding the importance of negative marking in the final exam.

It is better to skip a question whose answer is not known as any negative marks can affect your overall score and your ranking in NEET. Thus, one has to be extremely careful about attempting a question where you do not know the exact answer. Attempt only those where you know the correct answer or have a fair idea of it.


Thus, through this article, we have included some important points about the NEET mock test and how it can impact an aspirant’s performance in the actual exam. This will help you in understanding the importance of NEET mock tests better. Make sure you take online mock tests for NEET before attempting the final exam.