What is OBD2 software?

What is OBD2 software?

OBD-II systems provide access to the health information of a vehicle and access to numerous parameters and sensors from the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The OBD2 system offers valuable information, including diagnostic trouble codes, when troubleshooting problems.

Is OBDwiz free?

OBDwiz is included free when you purchase a qualifying OBD2 scan tool such as OBDLink MX+, OBDLink SX, OBDLink LX, OBDLink EX, OBDLink MX Wi-Fi, and OBDLink MX.

How do I use OBD2 software?


  1. Plug the Diagnostic Tool into the OBD-II Port. Diagnostic tools download data from a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBD-II) port.
  2. Read the Car Code(s) The golden key of the diagnostic process is the specific codes your vehicle creates when it detects an issue.
  3. Interpret the Data.
  4. Fix the Problem.

Can I use my laptop as a OBD scanner?

Bring your laptop to your vehicle. Connect the OBD-II scan cable from the laptop to the diagnostic port on your vehicle, usually located in the driver’s side foot well, below the steering well. Click the “Scan” button on the control interface, if required.

How does OBD II work?

This on-board computer system collects information from the network of sensors inside the vehicle, which the system can then use to regulate car systems or alert the user to problems. A technician can then simply plug into the OBD system to collect vehicle data and diagnose the problem.

What’s the best OBD app?

Most popular auto diagnostic OBD apps for Android

  1. Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
  2. HobDrive.
  3. OBD Car Doctor Pro.
  4. Carista OBD2.

What is diagnostic hardware?

A hardware diagnostic is a method of finding problems with a computer’s hardware systems. These diagnostic systems can be run by the user or internal programs, initiated by the computer’s control systems or executed from within the hardware itself. Hardware diagnostics can be controlled by humans or internal programs.

What is OBD link?

OBDLink MX+ is a one-of-a-kind wireless OBD adapter that transforms any iPhone, iPad, or Android device into a professional-grade diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, and real-time performance monitor capable of accessing manufacturer-specific vehicle data.

What is a good scan tool?

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  • #1 – Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner.
  • #2 – LAUNCH CRP129E OBD2 Scan Tool.
  • #3 – Actron CP9690 Elite OBD2 AutoScanner.
  • #4 – Autel ML629 OBD2 Scanner.
  • #5 – BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool.
  • #6 – OBDeleven Pro Diagnostic Scan Tool.
  • #7 – ANCEL FX2000 Vehicle OBD2 Scanner.

Can you hook a laptop to a car?

All cars have a built-in computer system. It is actually possible to access the computer via a laptop; you just need to convert the car’s equipment to your computer. This is done via the OBD II connection port on the car.

How do I connect obd2 to my PC?

Open Windows PC’s Bluetooth, then click “Add a Device” and search OBDII car scanner’s Bluetooth. 4. Double-click “OBDII” then “Select a pairing option” will pop up. Choose “Enter the device’s pairing code”.

Where is my OBD-II port?

The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel column (1 – 3 in the diagram below). If not located beneath the steering column, look for the port in the areas indicated by numbers 4 – 9.

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