Write an Argumentative Essay that Has the Power to Influence

Equip Yourself with a Well Developed Argument When Writing an Argumentative Essay

Fundamentally an argumentative essay should negate the counter arguments in a rational manner. The main aim of argumentative essays is to convince the readers with a well developed argument. This essay is rather similar to a persuasion essay since the objective is to prove the stand point of the writer while defending against opponent’s views. But the writing tone of a persuasive essay is much milder than the tone used in an argumentative essay which depends on strong lines of arguments phrased with conviction.

Topics to Argue Upon

Argumentative essays have to be written on topics that one can argue upon. There are many topic areas that have different angles to support. However, the choice has to be made from the relevant subject area. For instance, if the course module is ethics, then you may choose a topic such as “Is Euthanasia ethical?” This will leave you to either support it or oppose it while backing it up with ethics theories and other supportive evidences. But if the subject area is related to environmental studies, then you must select a topic which has relevance. Following are few examples of argumentative essay topics the essay writer can consider for various subject areas:
  • • Economics – Should countries, which does not have an absolute advantage in production relay solely on imports to maximize economic benefits?
  • Child Development – Childhood in modern society is severely overexposed to violence through media. Should parents avoid watching violent movies in the presence of their young children?
  • Marketing – Hard sell vs. soft sell – which is more effective?
  • HRM – Autonomous employees perform better than supervised employees
  • Hybrid vehicles are better than normal combustion vehicles.
  • Religious studies – Is Buddhism a negativist philosophy?
  • Social Studies – Child labour in third world – It’s better to work young than starve and die young.

Pre – preparation Stage in Argument Essays

At the very outset, students should equip themselves with a plausible argument and a deep knowledge on the subject to write an essay of this nature. The writer of an argumentative essay should seek related literature that is unbiased and factual. Pre reading of essay samples can help and guide students in the right direction. Furthermore, students should research on common views on the topic and related cases should be quoted.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay should be written based on the standard essay format. It should include the basic three components of introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should carry a strong thesis statement in which your argument is boldly stated. A brief introduction and your main supporting points must be outlined within the introduction. The body of the essay should be geared to establish your argument with strong supporting points. Each point should be explained and established in a separate paragraph. The conclusion should draw the argument to an end with a convincing reiteration of the thesis and a summation of the points you have used within the debate.

Writing argumentative essays is a considerably demanding task than merely writing an informative or expository essay. You need to bring in points and support your argument logically and rationally. Most students will welcome essay help to overcome these difficulties. Coursework writing co.uk is one of the well known essay writing services that can provide you with outstanding help.