What is the Best Audio driver for the Envy24?

What is the Best Audio driver for the Envy24?

VIA Envy24 Family Audio Driver 5.60C Via Vinyl Envy24 controllers for Windows XP to 7, 32 and 64-bit. These audio drivers work for all Envy24 variants: Envy24MT, Envy24DT, Envy24GT, Envy24PT, Envy24HT, and Envy24HT-S.

Does the via envy24ht support Windows® WDM drivers?

The VIA Envy24HT also brings full support for Windows® WDM drivers. To maintain a full digital path for PCM or compressed audio formats, the Envy24HT integrates a complete S/PDIF transmitter for connection to digital audio interfaces. For connection to keyboards and sound devices an independent MIDI UART is provided.

How many channels does the VIA Envy24 have?

With 8 input and output channels for analog and digital connections, the VIA Envy24 can meet the most demanding playback and recording requirements. Integrating a high resolution digital mixer the VIA Envy24 enables up to 20 channels of mixing power.

What is the via vinyl envy24ht?

The VIA Vinyl Envy24HT is a versatile 24-bit multi-channel audio controller that enables studio level audio performance. With support for 8 outbound streams the VIA Envy24HT can easily support the latest theatre quality 5.1, 6.1 or even 7.1 surround sound systems.

What are the applications for the VIA Envy24?

The applications for the VIA Envy24 include professional high-end PCI audio, computer based telephony, discrete multi-channel audio and general purpose multi-channel I/O.

How easy is the via vinyl Envy24 to integrate?

Easy to integrate: Can be combined with professional grade I²S converters, S/PDIF transmitters/receivers or AC-link codecs, with an aggressive power management scheme. The VIA Vinyl Envy24 is a professional versatile PCI multi-channel I/O controller designed with the needs of the audio connoisseur in mind.

Does the VIA Envy24 include SoundBlaster Pro hardware compatibility?

The VIA Envy24 includes SoundBlaster Pro hardware compatibility that is ensured under DOS for DDMA (Distributed DMA) and non-DDMA systems. The Envy24 also includes a Microsoft Win9x architecture based DirectSound accelerator that interfaces to AC’97 devices.