What is the normal range for blood test results?

What is the normal range for blood test results?


Red blood cell count Male: 4.35-5.65 trillion cells/L* (4.35-5.65 million cells/mcL**) Female: 3.92-5.13 trillion cells/L (3.92-5.13 million cells/mcL)
Hemoglobin Male: 13.2-16.6 grams/dL*** (132-166 grams/L) Female: 11.6-15 grams/dL (116-150 grams/L)
Hematocrit Male: 38.3-48.6 percent Female: 35.5-44.9 percent

Are abnormal blood test results normal?

An Abnormal Test Report May Not Mean You Are Sick. When Should You Be Concerned? It is important to note too that reference ranges may vary slightly from one lab to another. So, depending on the lab, your results may show at the high or low end of normal or out of the normal range.

How long does it take to get lab results?

If a doctor has an in-house laboratory, you may receive your result in a few hours. If not, it could take two to three days.

What does a mean on a lab report?

On lab printouts, labs that are abnormal are indicated with a mark. There is often an empty column with marks identifying which rows contain abnormal bloodwork results. The mark may be an asterisk, or an “H” for high or “L” for low or “A” for abnormal. Results outside the range of normal have an “A”.

What is normal value?

Normal values are defined as references for the evaluation of measured parameters (eg. lab values). Commonly, they are given as limit value ranges (normal or reference ranges), within which the measured values of around 95% of a representative population can be found. see also: laboratory medicine, normal distribution.

What is a positive abnormal test result?

Positive or abnormal, which means the disease or substance was found. Inconclusive or uncertain, which means there wasn’t enough information in the results to diagnose or rule out a disease. If you get an inconclusive result, you will probably get more tests.

What cancers are detected by blood tests?

Examples of tumor markers include prostate-specific antigen (PSA) for prostate cancer, cancer antigen 125 (CA 125) for ovarian cancer, calcitonin for medullary thyroid cancer, alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) for liver cancer and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for germ cell tumors, such as testicular cancer and ovarian …

Should I be worried about abnormal blood test?

There’s no magic about the cutoff point for calling a test result abnormal. Just as in the man with prostate cancer, a result in the normal range can still be a sign of disease. And results that are outside the normal range (“abnormal”) don’t mean a person has a disease.

What does a full blood panel check for?

A typical routine blood test is the complete blood count, also called CBC, to count your red and white blood cells as well as measure your hemoglobin levels and other blood components. This test can uncover anemia, infection, and even cancer of the blood.

Do doctors call right away with bad test results?

IME, yes, DRs call right away (as soon as they get the test results, which sometimes can take a day) if there is something significantly wrong/bad test results.

How do you read STD lab results?

Your STD test results may indicate “reactive,” “not-detected,” “non-reactive” or a reference range. Not detected and non-reactive mean the STD was not detected in your system. The reference range indicates whether the STD value is high enough to be considered positive; if not, it returns negative.

What does value mean in lab results?

Relative Value Tests When you are given a medical test that yields relative results, usually in the form of a number (value), you will want to know what those results mean and how they compare to previous results. These values can ascertain whether a treatment is working or a disease or condition is progressing.

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