What is the syllabus of BCA course?

What is the syllabus of BCA course?

BCA Course Syllabus

Semester BCA Subjects
I Fundamentals of IT & Computers Digital Electronics Basic Mathematics English Communication C Language Lab
II Operating Systems and Fundamentals Organisational Behaviour C Language Advanced Concepts Advanced Mathematics Advanced C Programming Lab

Is BCA a bad course?

No course can be categorized as good or bad, what ultimately decides is one’s personnel interest, passion towards the subject. If you want to be a good computer programmer in supervisory level i would suggest you to go for B TECH, But if you want to work in an intermediate level then better pursue BCA.

Is BCA easy study?

Nothing is easy if a work is not done with concentration. BCA is a course which is purely having some interesting subjects about computer application and if the subjects are loved by students, BCA is easy. If you are intrested in pursuing BCA. Then it is easy for you.

Is maths difficult in BCA?

Maths in BCA is relatively easy and an average student can easily cope with it. Maths in BCA is relatively easy and an average student can easily cope with it. Maths in BCA is relatively easy and an average student can easily cope with it.

Can I study BCA without Maths?

Yes you can do. There are so colleges that offers BCA without having math in 10+2.

Do we need Maths for BCA?

BCA – Eligibility Criteria Unlike the B. Tech or B.E. course in Computer Science and Engineering or Information technology students aspiring for a BCA course do not need to have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects in their Class 12th examinations.

Is BCA worth doing in 2021?

It is very good for a person who further wants to make his/her future in field of computer programming and software developing. A person with BCA degree can easily get job in the big IT companies. A BCA student can also go for further studies like for MCA or MBA. It is worth doing if u do it from a good college.

What are the disadvantages of BCA?

Lower degree value.

  • Lower packages, 35–40% lower salry packages than Btech (eg, Capgemini Bca 2.1 lpa , Btech 3.6 lpa; TCS 1.9 LPA AND 3.1 LPA )
  • Narrower scope than Btech since, btech has a variety of subjects.
  • Tough to get small MNCs as they prefer Btechs too.
  • Higher onsite chances in Btech.
  • What kind of maths is there in BCA?

    In BCA there is only basic maths (discrete maths) to enhance your logical thinking later it will help in your programming logics. Its easy level. Its very similar to +1 & +2 maths.

    Is BCA hard than BBA?

    Abhijeet, • BBA is a management course while BCA is a technical course in the field of computers• The concepts of BCA are easier for students having done their 10+2 in Science subjects while for others, BBA is better. Both these courses can help you in laying a solid foundation for a future MBA.

    Can I do BCA in 2 years?

    Students can do Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in one year who failed in 1st Year, 2nd year or 3rd year of Degree. Students who got Govt. job in their early age can also do Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in one year degree Program and get Single Sitting BCA Degree.

    Is BCA good for future?

    Which university has released the revised CSJM syllabus 2021?

    Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur has released the revised CSJM Syllabus 2021. CSJM University is one of the oldest and largest University of India. The university design and develop the BA B.Sc Math Agriculture M.Sc Physics MA Hindi English BCA syllabus through their respective Department of Course.

    Where can I find the syllabus of CSJM Kanpur University?

    The present syllabus of CSJM Kanpur University is available now on the website of Kanpur University. The website of Kanpur University is Kanpuruniversity.org How to download the recent Kanpur University syllabus?

    Where can I download the Kanpur University BCA syllabus 2021?

    CSJM BCA Syllabus 2021 pdf 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Semester available to download at kanpuruniversity.org. However we also have provided the Kanpur University BCA Syllabus 2021 pdf 1st 2nd 3rd Year pdf form to download.

    What is the percentage of OBC in CSJM University?

    Bachelor’s with 45% aggregate (42% for OBC and 40% for SC/ST candidates) Apart from BTech, BA and BSc programme, CSJM University offers several other UG programmes. In order to seek admission in any of these courses, a candidate needs to have a valid score in an online entrance examination conducted by CSJM University.